About Grafixpressions

*If you have shopped with us before, you probably noticed our all new website!  Click here to learn more about the new site and our transition to it!

Grafixpressions, or “Grfxp” for short, is a small family business started back in 2004 and located in Connecticut.  While it doesn’t seem like we started all that long ago we ‘ve grown quite a bit since day  one.  Our focus is aimed at making products and providing services that help express individual uniqueness. We pride ourselves in being the absolute best in vinyl graphics, customized apparel, unique overlays and skins for many of the world’s most popular devices such as iPhones and Macbooks, easy to apply vinyl tints for vehicle lights, custom signs, banners, logo design, and even our own line of custom automotive accessories.  All of these products are made in-house and in the USA!

Outside of our own line of ever-expanding products, we are here to bring our customers ideas to life. Whether customers are looking for a custom T-Shirt, a wall graphic for their newborn, custom vinyl graphics for their vehicle, a sign or banner for their business or event, we can make it happen.  No order is too small, or too large!

Have a logo of your own and want stickers created out of it? Need it on your business window, car, truck, t-shirt or sign? Have an idea in your head but can't create it yourself? Our artists can render images based on your descriptions and needs and can transfer that idea to the products we offer. Whether you already have a logo or image or need one created for you, Grafixpressions can do it for you. GrafiXpressions provides the customer with flexible pricing options for every application.

Grafixpressions is your one-stop shop for anything graphic related, we can’t wait to help bring your ideas to life!

~the Grfxp team