Alien Eyes "NeoChrome" JDM Emblem Overlays

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*GRFXP is revolutionizing the scene with our "Alien Eye" Transparent NeoChrome overlays!  These easy to install overlays change the look of your JDM red/chrome emblems to a stunning color shifting rainbow effect.  The product you are purchasing are pre-cut overlays that are to be installed on top of the Red/Chrome Honda Type-R JDM emblems, these overlays will produce a "neo chrome" color changing look once installed.  

NOTE: you must already own the JDM Type-R emblems in order to use these products, they do not work on stock emblems!  

Ordering Instructions: Select which emblems you own based on the sizing chart. You must measure the width and height of the emblem at it's widest point. Then select the number overlay matching the emblem you own.  If you only wish to purchase one overlay, select "No Thanks" from the rear overlay drop-down.

*Measure carefully as returns are not allowed for this product.  Email us if you have any questions on sizings BEFORE placing your order.